Rates / Terms / Conditions

Dear Customer,
Thank you for keeping my information on file. Below are my terms and conditions, which reflect industry standards and local market demands. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Base Fee $150

Over 2 Hours $18 per 15 minutes

This fee also includes a finder’s fee or coordinating fee to set up a team for your event as well as scheduling software capabilities.

Video Relay/Travel

Video Relay Base Fee $100

Video Relay Interpreting $16 per 15 minutes

Outside of Metro DC Negotiated Contract

Interpreters may or may not have a Skype Premium account.  It is your responsibility to provide the Skype Premium account.

Additional Interpreters

Two interpreters are required after 1.5 hours to provide quality interpretation.  Additional interpreters for international contexts may be required beyond the standard two interpreters.

Billing & Payment

International Interpreters allows you the option to contract with independent interpreters in the DC metro area without processing multiple invoices.  Audrey Bastian, LLC will subcontract with any independent interpreter in the DC metro area of your choice and their approval.

A full day of work will not be billed as a series of shorter assignments.  Payment is due net 30 days from the invoice date.  Late payments assessed an additional 5% after 14 days past due.  Checks, Visa and MasterCard accepted.

Please make checks out to: Audrey Bastian, LLC.


Cancelations or assignment changes made less than two business days in advance of the beginning of the assignment will be billed.  Multi-day assignments will only be billed within the two-day billable cancellation period.

Inclement Weather

If local authorities officially declare a weather emergency the assignment will not be billed.  Cancelations due to inclement weather and not officially declared an emergency by local authorities will be billed unless otherwise negotiated.


Requests can often be filled with at least 48 hours notice equivalent to 2 business days but with two weeks notice the likelihood of finding an interpreter is higher.  An additional $30 will be assessed for requests made less than 48 hours in advance.

Contacting Interpreters

When an interpreter is assigned, it is best to communicate with the interpreter directly about further preparation materials or arrival time, logistics, etc.

Subject to Change

Pricing may change without notice.

Tax Credit

You may qualify for an annual tax credit between $250-$10,000 for all of your reasonable accommodation expenditures under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Download IRS Form 8826 and the Tax Incentives Packet for more information.