*New: When you request interpreters through this service I contribute a portion of the profits to deaf owned and operated businesses across Asia.

Whether you are a client or a colleague, I hope you find the information on this site helpful.

Interpreting Request (General)

Scheduling Platform

I am a nationally certified independent American Sign Language interpreter with a masters degree from the University of Reading, England in International Law and World Order.  I specialize in international situations and content.  I coordinate with other independent interpreters to team and substitute when I am not available.

Advantages of Choosing a Content Specific Interpreter

  •   Content Knowledge.  Master degree in international related topics and will provide content appropriate interpretation.
  •   Familiarity with terminology.  Aware of specific international relations/development terminology and acronyms to guarantee quality interpretation.
  •   Video Relay Interpreting.  Provide a services via online video conference.  The service provides flexibility for conference calls, projects where the interpreter is needed intermittently, etc.
  •   Responsive.  Adjust to their requests and circumstances.